Jin Ji Cun, a rural village in Luoping. My first post

This is my first attempt at writing a blog.
This write-up is about a walk through a typical rural village in the region of Luoping, known for the picturesque beauty of the swaths of YuChaiHua that cover the plains and hill slopes.
Jin Ji Cun is a rural village of old houses. The walls are usually built of stones or bricks. Doors and windows are of wood with simple carved patterns. Roof tiles are of fired clay, sometimes of corrugated iron sheets. Doorways are pasted with red paper printed with images of Chinese characters for luck, for protection, to ward off evil, seasonal sayings……
Water comes off the tap while wood is used for fire.
Clothes (slippers too) are hung out to dry in the sun. Older folks and mothers stay home to do the household chores and to care for the children, while the able bodied go out to tend their crops in the fields; or to work in the big towns.
Some commonly used household items we saw when we peaked through the a doorway were an old tube color TV set, an electric rice cooker, a vacuum flask, a vacuum cup, an alarm clock, toiletries, china bowls, plastic pails, a Chinese wok and a water kettle covered black with soot.
Smaller children were seen in their homes, or in their courtyards, some cried upon seeing strangers, others eagerly but shyly accepted sweets and biscuits. School going children appear to be well fed and well dressed (by rural standards). They were generally happy and smiling and readily posed for our cameras.
It was an advantage to have a guide who could speak the local dialect.

An old couple obliged by allowing us to photograph them stripping the corn from the cob in preparation for the next sowing.

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